Light and Light

An unbearable lightness

fioccopietraserenaAfter decades of continuous experimentation and testing the technology achieved is unique, versatile and multiform.
It is not just a tool, to create or produce according to international standards, it is a matter of culture.
Entreprise culture above all, breaking with the past and continuing experimenting the material. The Stone, despite its thickness and weight, is now a material that can be used for lighter and captivating design. Any designer around the world is now able to rethink use, shape and function. Light and Light is looking in to international trends and, taking in the most of the aesthetic research, design and environmental impact, is formulating an original proposal in terms of services and application solutions.
Marble, Onyx, Travertine and any natural stones is now becoming dynamic and multiform lead actor of the new architectural research. Light, lightness and transparency are carrying this ancient material in to new life.



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Texture e Finishes