Light and Light

Mock up

barchette2A stone sample does not apply to an idea. This material is a continuous surprise and it may change in any manufacturing process without respect of any rule. The Client knows and works with us to avoid any final surprise. In order to meet the required quality standards we offer, in the early stages of the projects, a mock-up service for the construction and testing of any size of mock-ups.

Pre-installation services, assessment of non-compliance and resolution of any related issues are the core of our business.
We want to do more. We are developing a department that will analize, test and monitor the performances of the material in extreme conditions (heat, cold, wind, humidity, sand, etc...)



Dry lay5low

The Design Intent of a project or an object is determined by the ability to choose, combine, replace or laminate slabs or any stone elements.

This is the why we offer to our Clients also a pre-installation service which will help to evaluate and establish projects requirements and standards installation.